What Is A Design-Build Firm?

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As the name implies, a design-build firm completes both the design and build steps of the construction project. It serves as a single point of contact and is responsible for managing the project from start to finish.

Design-build firms have a single contract for design and construction. There are several benefits of the design-build model. A design-build firm offers design and build services under one roof, eliminating the need to work with a designer or architect to develop a plan and then hire a general contractor to execute it.

Poor communication can affect project cost, schedule, and the quality of the end product. Most design-build firms have an in-house team of architects and engineers, eliminating the need to communicate with multiple contractors. As a project owner, you are able to keep track of things. With a design-build team, you receive seamless communication which means less misunderstandings and quicker turnaround and resolution.

The design-build process ensures seamless collaboration between architects and builders. Everyone works towards the same goal and concerns can be addressed promptly.

Design-Builder Selection

First and foremost, you should choose a design-build firm that understands your vision and can bring it to life. Look for a licensed and insured firm. Check online reviews and customer testimonials to find out what the firm’s clients think of the business. Before signing on the dotted line, find out if the design-build firm you are considering will pull permits on your behalf.

Pre-Construction Planning And Project Proposal 

In this phase, the design-build team interviews the client to better understand their vision and goals. Next, the team develops drawings, estimates costs, and builds potential schedules. The firm discusses the proposal with the client and makes changes as necessary.

During this stage, the design and build team simultaneously starts conducting financial and site assessments. The design team starts creating the design. Permits are secured and the site is assessed before construction begins. Site assessment allows teams to prepare for any challenges that may arise and plan to prevent setbacks.

Architectural And Engineering Design 

The construction team and the design team work closely to complete the final drawings. Team members are encouraged to provide inputs. This results in more accurate drawings. Accurate designs help lower the chances of mistakes. During this step, teams come up with cost-cutting ideas and identify ways to add value to the project.


Once the design is complete, it is time for the build! Depending on the complexity of the project, the design-build firm may divide the construction process into different phases. The construction team prepares the job site and starts the construction process.

Your design-build contractor will walk you through the construction process, as you sit back and watch your project design become reality.


During the post-construction phase, several events and processes occur. The physical job site is cleaned and labor is demobilized. Documents related to the project are handed over to the project owner’s team. Once the team ensures the project has been completed to standards, a final walkthrough of the building is organized.

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