Santa Rosa

Commercial Property Builders in Santa Rosa with Over Thirty Years of Experience

There are plenty of commercial property builders in Santa Rosa – why choose Holly Construction, Inc.?

Well, beyond the pictures of our work you can see throughout our website – which we believe speak for them – people choose us because of our experience and our work ethic.  We go well beyond typical commercial and home builders in Santa Rosa in numerous ways.  For all-in-one service, socially responsible building, and truly creative designs, people choose Holly Construction, Inc..

Taking Full Ownership – And Responsibility – For Your Project

Unlike many commercial property and home builders in Santa Rosa, we keep everything in-house.  Design, management, and production all happen under one roof – which means you don’t get the same level of finger-pointing and buck-passing that happens when working with a network of subcontractors.

We act as one, following a design we all agree upon, to deliver the best possible results to our clients.  Not only that, but we are generally more cost-effective and faster to complete our projects as well!

Our goal is stress-free Whether you’re calling on us to design an office building, an apartment complex, or a unique luxury home, you’re getting builders who are dedicated to your satisfaction with the final product.  We want to make your life as easy as possible during construction and once you’re enjoying the building we have made.

Giving Back to Santa Rosa

We also believe that being home-builders doesn’t mean we should ignore the needs of those without homes.  We proudly give back to our community, contributing a portion of all our profits to youth and homeless shelters in the area.  It’s the least we can do, and it helps us -as well as our clients- feel even better about the work being done.

Holly Construction, Inc.

From modest refurbishments to the latest in creative high-tech architectural design, Holly Construction, Inc. bring you the best possible experience.  Contact us today – one of Santa Rosa’s top commercial property builders – to discuss making your construction dreams a reality.