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A. We can begin work on your project as soon as the details are agreed to and the contract is signed. This will ensure we understand your expectations and agree on the details of your project.

A. We are a full-service general contractor. We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship and excellent client care on every project. We support our clients from planning all the way through the final punchlist phase of the project. We have worked hard to earn and maintain our excellent reputation in the North Bay. We care deeply about our area and the people that live here. We support multiple non-profits helping our community’s youth, homeless, addiction recovery and special needs support organizations. That’s what makes us stand apart from other companies.

A: At Holly Construction, Inc., Inc. we have a two-phased approach. We offer a free initial estimate based on the initial consultation. The second phase cost is dependent on the size of the project, and we create a detailed estimate which results in our lump sum contract.

A. The answer is not much different from how you find the best doctor. You need to check out the contractor’s reputation in the industry and experience building your type of project. The best way to do this is by asking for references and actually checking them. Call the references and ask them how the contractor did with key issues such as the schedule and the budget. Be sure to ask if the owner would hire them again.

A. Hiring the construction team, including the general contractor early in the process, can help ensure that you have a quality project that is completed on time and on budget. If hired or consulted during the design phase, the general contractor can help determine contractibility and pricing implications before the design has gone too far.

A: We have designed and built homes ranging from $250 sqft – $1,275 sqft. The design and the selected finishes make up a lot of the difference. We would love to review your plans and/or discuss your budget to gain a better understanding of how to design and estimate your project.

A: A good general contractor will help save you money. GCs typically get discounted materials and subcontractor pricing. They will also manage the overall schedule making sure the project is completed as soon as possible. You will not have to spend extra money redoing things that went wrong. A good general contractor will have the knowledge and experience of building to current codes and energy requirements, making your project compliant with the current building code all while maintaining schedule and budget.