4 Benefits Of Working With A Design Build Firm

Wooden frame of housing with team talking in a group

A design-build firm offers a range of design and construction services. Full-service design-build teams work closely with project owners to develop and follow through with construction plans.

One of the biggest reasons why project owners prefer design-build firms is that they don’t need to enter into separate agreements with a construction and design firm. A design-build team consists of field managers, construction experts, and project managers. These experts work together under one roof to achieve project goals.

If you are looking for Design Build Firms Near Me in Santa Rosa then reach out to Holly Construction. Here are some benefits of working with us as a design-build firm.

You Will Save Time and Money

Research indicates that design-build construction projects can be completed 33 percent faster than those using traditional project delivery methods. The design-build project delivery model saves project owners time and money in several ways.

The design-build process involves fewer steps. It eliminates the need for separate bids and prevents communication gaps and conflicts by putting a single party in charge. Project owners can directly approach their design-build contractors with any questions they may have. Additionally, project owners do not need to wait for inputs from different parties.

The design-build project delivery method can reduce project costs by 6-10 percent. When a single party oversees your entire project, you get accurate estimates, timelines, and budgets and are better able to track expenses and implement cost-cutting solutions.

Better Communication Between Parties

If you hire a general contractor and designer for your project, you may end up spending several hours communicating with multiple parties such as the contractor, subcontractor, and designer. The more parties involved, the higher the chances of communication blunders that can lead to confusion and costly mistakes.

The design-build construction project delivery method eliminates the need to communicate with various parties, as all experts collaborate under one roof. A good design-build contractor facilitates seamless communication between clients and subcontractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Contractor is Fully Accountable

If you hire a designer and contractor for your project and issues arise, parties may try to shift blame to each other. One major benefit of the design-build delivery model is that the design-build contractor is fully responsible for steering the project in the right direction and can’t point the finger at other parties if the project hits a roadblock.

Better Outcome

Your design-build contractor collaborates closely with you throughout the entire design-build construction process, assisting in evaluating product options and materials that align with your design preferences and budget. They create insightful cost assessment reports promptly and help you make decisions based on product availability. Additionally, they can modify the project scope to incorporate essential items even before the design is finalized.

Holly Construction is equipped to manage large-scale complicated design-build projects. To make an appointment with a design-build expert, call 707-541-0700.