Winery Design Tips

Winery Builders in Sonoma County

Designing a winery can be tricky. Because wines have specific storage requirements, there are various considerations to keep in mind. The doors should be wide enough to accommodate tractors and trailers with a 10,000-liter capacity. The spaces in a winery should allow people to move around freely to get their jobs done.

Here are some design tips to keep in mind when designing the perfect winery.

 Create a Layout 

The right winery layout will allow people to move freely through space. When creating your winery layout, think about where every piece of equipment will go and how you will get it moved. Make sure there is provision for adequate drainage.

The perfect layout design will allow workers to perform tasks without going back and forth between different stations. It will ensure workers do not miss any steps accidentally, which could ruin an entire batch.

Choose the Right Flooring

Look for a long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, and durable flooring material. Your flooring should be tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Opt for a floor made from a non-porous, antimicrobial material that can resist staining.

Wine-making equipment can weigh up to several tons. Look for heavy-duty flooring that does not buckle under the substantial weight. If you plan to install flooring directly above concrete, provide a vapor barrier before laying down any flooring material.

Your floor should be corrosion and moisture-resistant. Ease of maintenance is another important factor to consider when choosing the floor for your winery.

 Install the Right Drain System 

Choose a grateless system. With a grateless system, you don’t have to install a grate covering to prevent people from tipping or larger objects from falling into the channel. Many systems come pre-sloped and pre-assembled. This simplifies installation.

Look for a system made from food-grade stainless steel. Your drain system should be able to handle up to Class F loads.

Use Quality Insulation

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of good insulation. Maintaining specific temperatures within your winery is critical to the wine-making process. Fluctuating temperatures will hinder the fermentation process. In a worst-case scenario, fluctuating temperatures can destroy a batch.

With subpar insulation, you will end up paying more in heating and cooling costs. High energy bills will add to the overall cost of running your winery.

Consider your options

Go with an option that will keep your winery well insulated and shield it from temperature variations.

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