Why Hire a Contractor If Subcontractors Do All the Work

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If you want to renovate your office or store, the question that you will be asking yourself is whether you should look online for commercial contractors near me or should you go directly with subcontractors. If you understand the value the general contractor and subcontractor bring to the table, you will be in a better position to decide.When you hire a contractor, they are responsible for the entire project. Right from the conception to the finished project, you will hold your contractor responsible. As a matter of fact, the contractor will be responsible for the subcontractor also. Most subcontractors specialize in a specific area, such as plumbing, using large equipment, electricity, and carpentry. They become part of the project when the need arises, and after they complete their work, they leave the project. Their entire work is supervised by the contractor to ensure that it meets their quality standards.

Contractor and Their Team
There are some contractors who have full-fledged teams to undertake projects from start to finish, and do not make use of subcontractors or may use subcontractors for a minuscule portion of the work.

When a contractor has their own employees, they have to pay salaries to them and invest in worker’s compensation insurance. This may not be a cost-effective option for contractors who have inconsistent workload. Under such circumstances, the contractor uses his employees to do what they can do, and anything beyond their abilities and capacities is outsourced to a subcontractor.

It is prudent to remember that subcontractors are independent workers. Hence, the main contractor does not have to pay for their workers’ compensation insurance or employment taxes. The subcontractor is paid a lump sum for any overflow work, and hence, the contractor does not incur regular costs on hiring a subcontractor.

What Should You Choose – Contractor or Subcontractor?
Since you are looking for commercial contractors near me, it is prudent to go with a general contractor. That way, you will not have the headache of supervising the work. Instead, the contractor will be responsible for the quality and meeting the delivery deadline. You can focus on your core business activities, and allow the contractor to use their industry knowledge and expertise to get the project completed within your budget, and of a high standard.

In case you decide to go with subcontractors, the entire onus of planning, managing, and ensuring quality standards falls on your shoulders. If you run a commercial enterprise, you will not be able to concentrate on it. Opt for subcontractors only if you can handle the entire project on your own. If you are on the lookout for a reliable commercial contractor, pick up the phone, and call Holly & Associates at 707-541-0700.