Which Type of Sunroom Is Best For Your Home?

If you are looking to upgrade your home or transform its look and feel, why not add a sunroom. A sunroom forms a transition between the indoors and outdoors, and lets you enjoy nature without some of the lesser pleasant aspects of nature. A sunroom allows you to enjoy natural light or admire your garden even when it is raining outside. There are so many benefits of adding a sunroom to your home; and hence, you should seriously consider it.

However, given the different types of sunrooms that you can install, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Of course, you can always consult residential builders in Marin County, but it is also prudent to have some knowledge so that you can be certain that the builders are giving you the right advice. Some of the common types of sunrooms that you can choose from are as follows:

Three-Season Sunroom
This type of sunroom is made for three seasons, namely spring, summer, and fall. It is not designed for cold climes as it makes use of single tempered glass, and hence, it is not insulated or energy efficient. However, it is the right choice for homes in Marin County, where the summers are long, comfortable and arid, and winters are short, cold, wet and cloudy, and do not require extensive heating of the living space.

Four-Season Sunroom
As the name suggests, this type of sunroom is designed for all four seasons; and hence, you can use it year-round with relative ease. The sunroom is built with energy-efficient windows that minimize the loss of heat in the colder months. You need to insulate the sunroom like a regular room so that you can heat and cool it. However, the energy-efficient glass panes ensure there is no loss of heated or cooled air, allowing you to use it any time of the year regardless of the weather outdoors.

A solarium is the best choice for Marin County, where you enjoy nearly 260 days of sunlight. Here, the roof and the walls are made entirely from glass, allowing you to enjoy the sunlight without getting overheated. It is prudent to realize that residential builders in Marin County will charge you more to construct a solarium, but if you are seeking an immersive sunroom, this is a perfect choice. In summer, when temperatures soar, you can keep the space cool by installing ceiling shades.

The Choice
You should choose a sunroom depending on what you intend to utilize it for. That way, you will be in a better position to make an informed choice. If you are sold, and want to build a sunroom in your house, call in the experts. Holly & Associates have years of experience in building elegant sunrooms that will suit your taste and budget. Call us today at 707-541-0700.