What Makes Medical Construction Unique?

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Medical Construction is a very advanced and unique building process. Various healthcare construction guidelines need to be followed. Violation of these regulations can invite harsh punishments. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to collaborate with a medical construction company in Marin County on healthcare construction projects.

A healthcare construction expert understands unique regulations governing the construction and installation of fire escapes, exit signs, smoke alarms, first aid kits, filtration systems, and drywall insulation and can point you in the right direction.

When building a healthcare facility, the medical construction company must abide by standards and regulations set by these governing bodies, codes, and acts.

National Electrical Code: The National Electrical Code or NFPA 70 includes specific requirements for the safe design, installation, and inspection of electrical equipment and wiring.

International Code Council: The US-based not-for-profit organization is the leading global source of model building codes that must be followed when building safety solutions to ensure they are safe and sustainable. The model of standards and codes developed by the ICC touches on various topics related to accreditation, product evaluation, training, technology, and certification.

International Energy Conservation Code: The model code establishes standards and requirements that must be followed when designing and constructing for energy efficiency.

Americans With Disability Act Regulations: The ADA sets requirements that medical construction companies must follow to ensure the buildings they designed and constructed are accessible to people with disabilities.

Facility Guidelines Institute: A not-for-profit organization, the FGI develops guidelines for planning, designing, and building healthcare facilities.

Regulations and standards governing the design and construction of healthcare facilities change regularly. Budget cuts can delay construction, and by the time construction work resumes, different governing bodies may introduce new regulations. A medical construction company can help you keep up with regulatory changes.

Important Design Specifications

Various studies have found that healthcare facility design can affect patient experience and health outcomes. A healthcare facility should have accessible restrooms with the right size and handles, well-lit examination rooms with additional outlets for mobile lights, and sanitary storage areas for medical supplies.

Healthcare facilities consume much more energy than residential and commercial buildings. That’s primarily because they are much larger, and the staff uses specialized medical equipment that needs more energy. To manage electrical hazards, reduce heat gain, and improve energy efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, medical construction companies reinforce electrical wiring and create insulated walls that absorb extra heat produced by different machines.

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