Two Key Considerations When Working with Residential Home Builders in Sonoma County

Working with residential home builders in Sonoma County requires you to carefully explore the project and the expectations you have for the result. Our team at Holly & Associates has decades of experience in the construction field and in this new post, we’re presenting two key considerations for working with residential home builders in Sonoma County.

Choose finishes at the start of the project

It’s important that finishes such as plumbing and lighting fixtures, tiles, and fireplaces are chosen at the start of the project. This allows our experts to plan for the integration of the fixtures and to ensure that ideal design concept within your home. One of the most popular options in the market recently is open shelving. Open shelving requires our team to build brackets and install them behind the drywall to support the weight of the shelves.

While we were happy to accommodate the client’s request, this required us to fabricate brackets, shelves, and replacement tile. The resulting work looked great and the client was very happy, but the project was delayed significantly. It’s important that you plan for the fixtures you wish to use and discuss these options with your residential home builders in Sonoma County.

Discuss concerns the moment they arise

Another important consideration for working with home builders is to discuss any concerns you have with them early within their work. Many will wait until the last minute to raise a concern and this can not only increase the cost of the project but delay the timeline considerably. Our team is happy to respond to any ideas you might have for your home, but it’s critical that you discuss these ideas at the earliest possible opportunity to allow us to deliver the right result for you and your home project.

We have decades of experience as quality residential home builders in Sonoma County and we’re here to help you make the right choices in your projects. Call today to discuss upcoming work on your home.