Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

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Can’t remember the last time you gave your backyard a makeover? You are not alone. When renovating their home, many homeowners neglect their outdoor living space. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of outdoor living spaces. An organized outdoor living area can add value to your property and boost curb appeal. It can help create an excellent first impression on passersby and guests.

At Holly Construction, our team of experienced home builders has gathered their top 4 ways to transform your home by leveraging the outdoor spaces. To learn more about our services for providing homeowners with the best custom home building in Sonoma County, call our office at (707) 541-0700.

Add Seating

Whether you entertain your guests outdoors or enjoy spending time with your loved ones soaking in the winter sun, you will want to add seating to your outdoor space. Use folding chairs instead of traditional chairs as they are easier to move.

Keep a couple of lightweight outdoor poufs in your shed or garage. Opt for a multitasking woven cube that can be used as a side table or an extra seat to save space. Place some hammocks under your trees.

Light Up Your Outdoor Area

Adding lighting to your outdoor area is a great way to highlight the best house design features and improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. The proper lighting for your outdoor space can illuminate it, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy it after sunset. A well-lit outdoor area can keep burglars at bay. Also, lighting improves visibility so you can watch out for snakes and other dangerous creatures and trip hazards at night.

Use path lighting to illuminate walkways. If you have an outdoor kitchen, place string lighting on the eaves of your home to create a warm, inviting ambiance. You can also use string lighting to illuminate patio furniture. Mount outdoor wall lighting on any vertical surface. Install deck lighting to illuminate your deck so you, your loved ones, and your guests can safely get up, down, and across it.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen or Cooking Area

Consider building an outdoor kitchen if you frequently throw outdoor parties or enjoy hanging out with your loved ones or friends in your backyard. Choose low-maintenance materials that withstand the test of time. Provide adequate task lighting and ambient lighting. When planning your kitchen’s layout, consider how utilities would be placed. Make sure your kitchen has a built-in countertop for food preparation.

Add a Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can make your outdoor area feel cozier and inviting. You can make your outdoor fireplace the focal point. When designing your fireplace, consider the size of your outdoor living space. Decide if you want to build a freestanding fireplace or a built-in fireplace. Choose the type of fuel you want to use to fire your fireplace.

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