Tips to Save Money When Constructing or Renovating a Hospital

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Constructing a hospital is a costly undertaking. Average new hospital development cost is between $400 and $1,200 per square foot. Many hospital owners have their hospitals renovated at regular intervals, which is the right thing to do, as a patient’s physical environment has a profound effect on the healing process and recovery.

Most hospital owners spend $250-$350 per square foot on a renovation. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring these costs down without sacrificing the quality of care. Here are some ways to save money on hospital renovation and construction projects.

Check Your Inventory

When constructing or renovating a hospital, many medical construction companies in Marin County discard old equipment and furniture. This can be a costly mistake. Before starting to work on your project, take inventory of furniture and equipment you own.

Look for functional furniture that hasn’t been used yet. Make a list of equipment and supplies that can be safely used after sterilizing.

Replace Cases and Faceplates on Functional Devices

If you have old, yet fully functional equipment, give them a facelift by repairing their faceplates. Hire an FDA registered medical equipment refurbishment company to apply a fresh coat of medical-grade paint to protective cases of equipment.

Get a Stainless Steel Buffing Machine

Stainless steel medical devices and equipment are prone to scratches and dents. Scratched devices can make a hospital look dated. Instead of replacing these devices (which can be very costly), invest in a stainless steel buffing machine when constructing or renovating your hospital.

A stainless steel buffing machine is designed to cosmetically restore different equipment such as mobile carts and trays, surgical tables, and instrument storage cabinets.

Install new Pads or Upholstery on Existing Furniture

Why invest in new furniture when you can give your existing furniture a makeover? All you need to do is replace their old upholstery or pads with new upholstery. Replacing upholstery on exam tables and chairs is an affordable way to give your examination rooms a colorful makeover.

Look for Refurbished Equipment and Reusable Equipment Accessories

Hospitals undergoing major construction or renovation usually have very high capital expenses. A major chunk of capital investment goes towards acquiring medical devices and equipment. By choosing to use refurbished equipment you can save up to 30-70 percent on capital equipment costs.

Buy refurbished equipment only from an FDA approved refurbishing equipment company that thoroughly inspect equipment to ensure they meet the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Prefer reusable equipment accessories to disposable accessories. Though their initial cost is higher, reusable equipment accessories, as the name suggests can be used multiple times, meaning you will save more in the long run.

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