The Top 5 Benefits Of Adding A Room On To Your Home

Modern wooded home with open pocket walls off of a modern living space

Is your home not keeping up with the changing needs of you and your family? As changes occur through life, so do they the needs of your home. If you are looking for cost-effective ways to maximize your home’s capabilities, consider hiring a design build firm to add a room to your home.

An additional room may be just what your home is missing. Adding a room to your house is a great way to create more space. Room addition is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new house. Many homeowners build a new room to incorporate the latest design trends that increase home value or improve aesthetic appeal of their homes.

With their expertise, design build firms like Holly Construction can help homeowners see the opportunity for growth their home has. Here are just the top 5 benefits of what adding a room on to your house can create.

Create Extra Space

Whether your family is growing, you plan to host guests more often, or want to create a home office, consider adding a room to your home to create needed space.

If you want to create more storage space in your home, consider adding cabinets and built-in cabinetry or bookshelves to the new room.

An Addition Can Increase Home Value

One of the things that affect a home’s value is its total square footage. Adding a room to your home will increase your home’s total square footage.

Many home buyers do not mind paying a little more for a home with an extra room as they want to avoid the hassle of having to add a room themselves. If you plan to put your home on the market, adding an extra room will improve its marketability and value proposition.

Additional Hobby Space Opportunities

An additional space in your home can help accommodate extra hobbies or extracurricular activities! If you love to draw, paint, or make showpieces, you can turn the new room into a hobby room.

If your have younger children, an additional room would be a perfect space for a toy or game room. Being able to give your children a safe space to play, bring over friends, and make their own.

Additionally, if there is a musician in the family, an additional room might be the perfect practice room secluded in their studies.

Avoid The Hassle And Cost Of Moving    

When their family expands, many homeowners consider buying a new, more spacious house. Home buying is a time-consuming, costly, and stressful process.

Moving is stressful. After you have found a new house that fits your needs, you must go through the hassle of packing your belongings, transferring utilities, and updating your address on all your accounts. Once you shift to a new house, you and your family members will need time to become familiar with the new area.

Why go through the ordeal of moving to a new house when you can create more space in your existing house by adding a room to it?

An Extra Room Can Improve the Mood Of Your Home

Adding a sunroom to your home is a great way to increase natural light in it. A sunroom traps heat, helping maintain a warm, cozy home in winter.

An extra room will also allow you to add desirable amenities such as a free-standing bathtub or a walk-in closet to your home.

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