The Importance of Commercial Construction Engineering Services and What’s Included

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Commercial construction projects are more complex than residential construction projects. They have more complex design requirements that demand different building materials. Their broader scope necessitates hiring commercial construction engineers.

A commercial construction engineer has an important role to play in the success of a commercial construction project. They do complex calculations and provide invaluable inputs to improve construction safety, efficiency, and ROI.

A commercial contractor near you can help you find an experienced and skilled engineer. Many contractors have a network of suppliers and professionals including construction engineers.

Here are some services provided by commercial construction engineers.

Power Studies

A faulty power system is a recipe for disaster. It poses a direct and serious threat to human safety. An electrical fire caused by a faulty power system can damage structures and electrical equipment.

Your commercial construction engineer will evaluate your power system to diagnose glitches that can mar its functioning. They will perform short circuit studies, arc flash and shock hazard analyses and protective device coordination studies to determine the nature of any flaws in your power system.

After performing an analysis of your power system, your engineer will come up with a plan to rectify flaws in it. The professional can also help you identify any changes you need to make to your electrical system in order to make your facility more energy-efficient.

HVAC System Design

Your engineer will calculate thermal loads and help you determine the right-sized HVAC. They will also design the equipment layout, plumbing and electrical layout, and control system.


Commercial construction engineers present information in a consumable format. They use AutoCAD to draft construction drawings that communicate important technical details of construction projects in a way that everyone (even non-technical people) can understand. These drawings can help prevent costly mistakes and misunderstandings.

Plumbing Design

The plumbing system is one of the most important systems in a commercial building. It brings freshwater to the building and removes wastewater from it.

Plumbing failures lead to several problems including drainage issues, mold growth, water damage, and ventilation problems. Your commercial construction engineer will create a solid plumbing design that best fits your needs.

Designing Additional Mechanical Systems

Federal and state government bodies require commercial building owners to install different systems that increase building safety in their complexes.

Your engineer will help you design climate control systems, natural gas systems, compressed air systems and any other systems that government agencies require building owners to install.

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