Single Story vs. Double Story: Which Is Right for Your Luxury Home?

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Building a home is a major decision. Construction projects require a commitment of resources (time and money) and efforts. One of the most common questions that linger in the mind of investors planning a construction project is whether to build a single-story or a double-story home. Here are some factors that you need to consider when choosing between a single or double-story plan.

Block Size and Shape

The size and shape of your block are one of the clearest indicators of whether you should opt for a single-story or a double-story plan. If you have a rectangular block, building a double-story home makes more sense, as you will be able to increase your floor space if you decide to build up in the future. Larger block sizes are suitable for single-story homes. Adding another level, however, won’t hurt if you want more room inside.

Another important factor to be considered when choosing between a single or double-story plan is whether the block has slopes. Blocks with slopes are usually ideal for double-story homes.


If your block offers amazing views, opt for a double-story plan, as a double-story home would make those views extra impressive, which is something that you won’t be able to achieve with a single-story home.

House Zones

If you want to create specific zones in your home but do not have enough space to effectively execute your plan, build a double-story home. A two-story home can offer various zoning options. Residential builders in Marin County and elsewhere find it easier to create multipurpose areas in double-story homes than their single-story counterparts.

There are numerous ways to zone a double-story home. You can, for instance, create a living area upstairs by having your kitchen area, dining, and living upstairs instead of downstairs. To take advantage of any views that you have, consider adding a balcony area.

Future Needs

If you plan to occupy your house for a long time, you need to think about how your family’s needs will change over time. If, for instance, you live with your parents or have elderly relatives at home, you may want to consider building a single-story home, as they would not have the need to move between upstairs and downstairs.

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