Should You Buy A Property With Fire Damage?

Santa Rosa Fire Rebuild

Many experienced homebuyers are not deterred by fixer-uppers as they are usually undervalued. Many investors, however, are not sure whether they should invest in a fire-damaged property.

Buyers ask themselves several questions when considering a fire-damaged property, such as, is investing in it a prudent investment decision? What are the hidden costs of repairing a fire-damaged property?

Buying a fire-damaged property could be a great long-term investment. For the savvy real estate investor, fire-damaged homes present great opportunities as they are usually undervalued and can have a high return on investment.

Before buying a fire-damaged home, select a Santa Rosa fire rebuild professional who has the experience and expertise required to come up with innovative ways to cut costs without cutting corners.

Before buying a home with fire damage, it is important that you do your homework. Do market and pricing research.

Fire-damaged homes can have structural issues. In addition to having a home inspector inspect the property, hire a structural engineer to determine how the fire affected the home’s structure.

The amount of money you will spend on rebuilding a fire-damaged property primarily depends on the nature and extent of damage. A seasoned fire rebuild expert can save you money on repair and headaches down the road.

Inspect doors, windows, and floors for warping. When inspecting a fire-damaged home, keep an eye out for burnt electrical wiring. Look for signs of damage to the electrical and plumbing system.

Water used for putting out a fire can cause mold growth. Mold does not just look unsightly; it can also affect human and animal health.

Find out if any mold has developed as a result of water damage caused by water that was used to control the fire. If mold or mildew has grown on surfaces, you may want to hire an expert for mold remediation. Be sure to consider mold remediation cost when calculating the total price of the property.

Soot and smoke from a fire can settle on different items in a home and leave behind a pungent smell. Consider replacing burned carpets, appliances and other materials in a fire-damaged property to get the burnt smell out. Alternatively, use paints with odor-blocking solvents to give a makeover to the walls, porous materials, and ceiling.

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