Our Residential Home Builders in Sonoma County Highlight How to Maximize Remodeling Returns

Residential Home Builders in Sonoma County

The quality of your remodeling project will determine the level of return you receive when the final touches are added. But how can you maximize the quality of your projects when working with residential home builders in Sonoma County? Our team has experience in the construction marketplace and in this latest post, we’ll provide several tips on how to maximize remodeling returns.

Plan alongside the remodeling company

One of the major mistakes that many homeowners make is not planning the remodeling process with their residential home builders in Sonoma County. Make sure that you take the time to consult with the company directly. Have them visit the property and speak with you about the options available and then determine whether they can provide full value for your investment.

Create an “as built

The “as built” is an important part of the design process when working on a remodeling project. Working with your residential home builders in Sonoma County, make sure that you form an “as built” with them. The “as built” can help you to navigate design challenges and can ensure that your final structure is built according to your unique specifications.

Review all insurance forms

The insurance details should be finalized before you move forward with the home building project. Work with the company directly to discuss the level of coverage they provide. You should also find out exactly how much individual coverage their workforce has before moving forward. Make sure the company can provide you with individual liability coverage so if anything happens on the job, you are protected against legal claims.

Finalize the documentation

Once you have all the documentation including the design plans and the warranty for the work, make sure that you go over all these plans with your specialist directly. Ask questions on any points of confusion and don’t sign any document until you fully understand all the elements involved.

Our experienced team at Holly & Associates is here to guide you forward in managing your residential building projects. To discover more, call us today.