Office Construction Design Tips to Maximize Productivity

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Increasing employee productivity tops the priority list of every business owner. Studies show that office design has a significant impact on productivity. A well-planned workplace is easy to navigate and makes it easier for employees to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Here are some office design tips to increase productivity.

Ditch Open Office Plans

Open office design has long been touted as the new and improved workplace architecture. Recent studies, however, show that open office designs are not always the right solution. Many studies have revealed that open offices rarely contribute to productivity.

Open office spaces can do more harm than good. Many studies associate open offices with high stress and fatigue levels, high absenteeism rates, and low employee satisfaction.

To address this problem, shift towards variety. Think about what activities your employees perform during their work hours and design areas for those activities. You can, for instance, build customizable personal spaces for collaboration and bonding and thinking rooms that employees can use when they feel the need to clear their minds.

Come up With a Plan to Reduce Unwanted Noise

Unwanted noise, arguably, is the number one enemy of productivity. A study estimates that employees lose up to 86 minutes at work due to noise distractions (Source- Further, studies have linked noise to more stress and illness and lower job satisfaction.

Follow these tips to reduce noise in your workplace:

  • Install sound-absorbing flooring
  • Build dedicated quiet space
  • Use live walls and green walls to absorb noise
  • Install acoustic wall panels
  • Desks placed together in clusters help compartmentalize noise. Store noisy equipment such as fax machines, copy machines, and printers in a separate room, away from your employees.
  • Create cubicles and wall partitions

Improve Lighting

Lighting in your workplace has a major impact on your employees’ mood and productivity. Poor lighting puts a strain on peoples’ eyes. The resultant stress often causes headaches, which in turn affects productivity. Additionally, poor lighting can be a significant safety hazard, especially in factories with big machines that can potentially injure a person.

Add mirrors and transom windows to get more natural light into different areas. Include ambient and corrective lighting. Use colored lighting to zone out areas. Get an office lighting control system designed to automatically adjust the intensity of light, and turn on and turn off lights according to the time of the day and activity level.

Raise Your Ceiling

Various studies have linked ceiling height to productivity. A 2007 research suggests that ceiling height impacts how people think, act, and feel. Higher ceilings are often associated with free and creative thinking.

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