Luxury Home Remodeling with New Construction Add-Ons

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Buying a luxury home is a major investment decision. The benefits of a luxury home far outweigh the costs. Modern luxury homes are equipped with unique amenities designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Hire the best residential contractor near you with ample experience and expertise for your project.

Before you embark on your project, check out these luxury home remodeling tips.

Redesign Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is more than just an area where food is prepared. You and your loved ones create cherish able memories in the kitchen. Here are some tips for your kitchen facelift:

  • Walled kitchens are falling out of favor. To make your kitchen look stylish without compromising on functionality, install spacious islands to open the space. Look for islands that come with breakfast bars and have enough room to house appliances such as refrigeration drawers and trash compactors
  • Install real wood/metallic covered cabinets. Real wood is known for its natural and unique character, while metallic-covered cabinets add depth and texture. Real wood cabinets will make your kitchen feel warm and inviting
  • Opt for stone countertops as they are easy to clean, durable, and look stunning. Consider installing a backsplash in matching stone to protect your walls from spills and messes
  • If you have a tile floor, consider upgrading it to a slate, travertine, or granite floor

Revamp Your Master Bathroom

Here are a couple of ways to tailor your master bathroom to your tastes:

  • Consider installing heat lamps in your bathroom. They will help keep your body comfortable after a relaxing shower
  • Installing stylish tiles and countertop will give your bathroom a tasteful and inviting look
  • Give your bathroom a refreshing look with steam showers, standalone feature tubs, heated floors, sleek cabinetry, heated towel rails, and under-floor heating

Some Additions and Remodels to Add a Touch of Class

  • A fully equipped home gym
  • An entertainment area where the entire family can assemble to spend some quality time together
  • A wine tasting room
  • A steam/sauna/meditation room
  • A private bar

Are you planning to give your luxury home a makeover? Let Holly Construction, Inc. help. When working on a home remodeling project, we focus on improvements/features that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the property. We consider every factor at play and follow time-tested methods to increase the value in your home. To discuss your remodeling project, call us at 707-541-0700.