Licensed General Contractors: What Do General Contractors Do?

General Contractors for Fire Rebuilds in Napa

General contractors are often hired to manage large construction projects. A GC is responsible for planning, supervising, and inspecting (upon completion of the project they’re managing) the construction work.  They are expected to source materials, labor and equipment and building services. A general contractor usually hires subcontractors to perform the entire work or a portion of it.

The terms general contractor and handyman are often used interchangeably. There are however several differences between GCs and handymen. A general contractor should be licensed and bonded by the state – this is a legal requirement. A handyman can choose to get bonded but aren’t mandatorily required to do so.

A handyman usually tackles multiple minor jobs in a visit (can include fixing leaky faucets, moving plumbing and repairing damaged wires and/or malfunctioning appliances), whereas a general contractor focuses on a single specialized job (such as installing cabinets and flooring).

Hire a licensed general contractor for a rebuild, renovation or new construction project. A licensed general contractor will obtain the necessary permits. GCs have the expertise and knowhow required to manage complex projects from start to finish.

Your general contractor is responsible for ensuring that all work is done in a way that doesn’t void any warranties or guarantees. They should make sure the worksite is cleaned every day after completion of work.

A licensed general contractor for fire rebuild in Napa has liability insurance and possibly workers’ compensation. If a worker gets injured on your worksite, your GC’s workman’s policy will cover the cost of their treatment. In case your property gets damaged due to an accident caused due to the negligence of one of the GC’s employees, their liability insurance will cover the loss.

Licensed general contractors perform a wide variety of work, including excavation works, plumbing works, electrical works, building foundations, house framing work, and roofing work. In California, general contractors are classified into three categories – General Contractor Type A, General Contractor Type B, and General Contractor Type C.

General Contractors Type A have the engineering knowledge and experience required to manage complex and large projects. They build dams, skyscrapers, stadiums and bridges.

General Contractors Type B are eligible to take up residential and commercial construction projects. A Type B contractor can build your home from the ground up. They can manage every aspect of your project. Your GC will supervise foundation-laying work, framing work and carpentry work. A General Contractor Type B can build entire homes, home additions and remodels.

A General Contractor Type C takes up jobs that require specialized skills such as fireproofing, asbestos removal and insulation. They also manage HVAC, lift and electrical equipment installation projects

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