Important Things to Remember About Contractor Safety Program

If you are looking to generate clean, green power for your home, solar panels are the way to go. However, companies that deal with solar panel installation need to be aware of the many health and safety hazards that come with it. If you are considering installing solar panels for your home, you should make sure to leave it to trained and experienced professionals. There are unique home builders in Santa Rosa that can do the job for you, safely and promptly.

What Contractors and Workers Must Know About Safe Solar Installation

Professionals who install and/or maintain solar panels are exposed to a number of hazards. In most cases, they work on roofs, are in proximity of sunroofs and ledges, and use scaffolding and ladder. This means that they are exposed to quite a few fall hazards, among others. The Contractor Safety Program is designed to help these professionals, and others, ensure that they are protected while on the job.

When installing solar panels, there are a few tips that contractors and their employees must keep in mind, including the following:

1. Know the Brand and Type of Solar Panels: One of the first things that contractors need to know when installing solar panels is the brand and type of panels that they are working with. Being familiar with the different brands and types of solar panels available on the market today is important. This allows workers to understand exactly how they need to work in order to install the solar panels.

2. Read Installation Manuals:No matter how well trained or experienced contractors or workers are, they should make it a point to go through the installation manuals thoroughly before starting the project. All solar panels are different, and the procedures to install them vary as well. To ensure their safety while installing the panels, it is important for contractors to read the manuals.

3. Survey Job Sites: Another important tip that solar panel installation contractors should keep in mind is to survey job sites before beginning work. They should check for any hazards on the site, and create a proper work plan to ensure their safety as well as others.

4. Get Proper Tools and Equipment: Contractors and workers must make sure that they have the proper tools and equipment to properly and safely complete installation of solar panels. They should also wear all of the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while working on the installation, including safety glasses, gloves and sturdy work boots.

Get Experienced Builders and Contractors for Your Home

With the help of residential home builders in Sonoma County, you can make sure those professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Contractor Safety Program, would work to build your home and install solar panels. Reputed contractors ensure that all codes and regulations of the state are met, no matter what the project.

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  • Posted On October 15, 2018