House Renovation Checklist for Luxury Property Owners

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Renovating your luxury home is a great way to add value to it. A home renovation can improve your property’s energy efficiency and functionality. House renovation can feel overwhelming, especially for an inexperienced homeowner. There are several aspects to take care of before you start planning your project.

To help you plan your project, we have put together a renovation checklist. Take a look.

 Incorporate Smart Home Technology into Your Home 

The popularity of smart home technology is increasing with each passing year. Smart devices are designed to help you perform everyday tasks with ease and make your life easier and better. Here is how smart devices can help you perform different everyday tasks

➢       Turning the lights on and off: Smart lighting will allow you to control your bulbs remotely. Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving for work? No worries! Use your mobile to switch off your bulbs from your office.

➢       Locking doors: If you keep forgetting to lock your doors, opt for smart door locks. These locks are designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on doors when they receive instructions from a wireless device.

➢       Cleaning: House cleaning is one of the most dreaded chores. Smart devices will simplify your house cleaning routine. A smart robotic vacuum will clean your home even before you head home.

➢       Controlling blinds: Hate manually adjusting your blinds? Replace traditional, manual blinds with smart blinds that you can open and close through an app or a voice command on a connected device (typically a smartphone).

Smart devices will also help you improve your home security and safety. Outdoor security cameras will help you monitor your property. Gas detectors will alert you if you have a gas leak.

Exterior Renovation Checklist

Add bespoke windows and doors to your exterior. Look for doors and windows specially designed to reduce energy loss. If you want to increase natural lights in your home, replace traditional windows with skylights, bay and bow windows, or double-hung windows.

Give your outdoor space a makeover. Here are some surefire ways to upgrade your outdoor space.

➢ Renovate your deck

➢ Plant a rain garden

➢ Perk up your patio by installing patio pavers or incorporate irregular stones into your patio

➢ Install lights

➢ Add a water feature

 Open Up Internal Spaces  

Want to give your property a new lease of life? Open up internal spaces. Cover existing spaces, add or remove walls or build an extension. Consider combining the kitchen with the dining room. If you have a small master bedroom, add an en-suite bathroom or a dressing area to the room.

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