Holly Construction, Inc. Congratulates its New COO, Cory McCormick

One of the most popular commercial general contractors in Santa Rosa, Holly & Associates Inc. wholeheartedly congratulates and welcomes its new COO, Cory McCormick. The company is happy to get a highly skilled and experienced visionary like him on board. With a respected industry leader like McCormick taking up responsibilities as the Chief Operating Officer, the company is in good hands.

His meticulous leadership is a topic of discussion wherever he goes, and for now, the staff at Holly & Associates is looking forward to rapidly develop under his leadership, and accomplish increased productivity along with enhanced functionality.

With McCormick on board, the company’s future looks bright. The organization expects to witness accelerated productivity and profitability. The company is also hopeful of producing yet another strongly profitable year with equally strong growth. Holly & Associates will look forward to developing favorable circumstances for ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. The organization is also hopeful to facilitate impressive customer retention techniques in the upcoming years, with McCormick taking up a key leadership role in the company.

The company is privileged to access the expertise and skills that McCormick possesses. It is indeed just a matter of time that Holly & Associates will benefit exponentially from his skills. As the organization’s newest COO, McCormick will implement special tactics for facilitating top-tier business growth within a designated span. Besides achieving these major organizational objectives, McCormick will also lead from the front to execute appropriate business plans for the betterment of the company.

Our respected COO will be responsible for driving business growth by maintaining the operational efficiency of the company alongside enhancing the organization’s multi-level functionality. The leadership panel at Holly & Associates is sure that McCormick will deliver satisfactory results, and ensure improvement in the overall success of our organization. Execution of the everyday smaller goals as well as macro tasks, with an eye on future objectives, would be the basic function of our new COO.

He will keep an eye on the company’s profitability, and also figure out newer techniques of customer acquisition by implementing specific measures.

Holly & Associates, Inc. is proud to welcome McCormick in the company’s leadership panel. The company is optimistic that his contributions will transform the organization, and take it to new heights of success by improving its business environment.

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