Five Ideas for Home Renovation in Spring

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Spring is around the corner again. And, come spring, we all want to renovate our houses to welcome the bright sun. Planning ahead of seasonal renovations is a great way to execute your vision with success. Whether you have a small-scale renovation plan or want to do something bigger, these five ideas will surely give you the inspiration you need for your home renovation this spring.

Upgrade the Flooring – If you have been postponing upgrading your flooring, spring is the right time to get the job done. It is time to throw the carpet out, and bring in the large tile squares. Some homeowners will agree that carpet is outdated. Let us not forget carpets are home to germs and toxins. The cleaning can be cumbersome too. Bid adieu to your carpets and choose hardwood flooring for your house. You can choose from myriad shades, such as eucalyptus, cherry, Brazilian, and even reclaimed wood. When picking out your hardwood tiles, 12×24 and 36×36 may be a good bet. If you think swapping your carpets out for hardwood flooring is tedious, call in custom builders in Sonoma County to do the job for you.

Update Your Kitchen – Giving your kitchen a fresh look does not have to an expensive affair. Spring is a good time to work on minor repairs, such as painting the cabinets, changing your light fixtures, swapping your hardware, or even trading your stainless steel appliances for a matte black look. Updating your kitchen is a fun project that you can also involve your kids in.

Window Treatments – This is a project you can take up based on your budget. If you cannot swap your old windows for new ones after the cold and moist winter days, you can still get your windows squeaky clean by opting for window treatments. This will help your windows look clean and keep the sun out, thus saving money on cooling costs. Pick the right color for your window treatment, so your house looks chic – just the way you like it!

Bring in Spring Colors – A quick way to give your house an instant makeover is to add some colors. Paint your walls in a neutral color such as ivory, and throw in some accent pillows in bright colors on your couch to liven up the living room. You may also invest in inexpensive floral arrangements, throw rugs, candles, and pastel lamps to give your house a pleasant ambiance.

Resurface Your Driveway – Once the harsh winter is gone, it is time to give your asphalt driveway some TLC. This may be a project you cannot handle on your own. However, custom builders in Sonoma County can get the job done for you in a jiffy without denting your pocket.

Waste no time! Contact Holly Construction, Inc. to help you with quirky, elegant, or fun ideas to give your house a perfect makeover this spring. Call us today on 707-541-0700 to speak to one of our experts. You will not be disappointed.