Essential Things You Must Ask Your Multi-Unit Builder

When choosing a multi-unit builder in Sonoma County, you cannot afford to go wrong. The success of your project depends on the expertise of your multi-unit builder, which is why you must leave no stone unturned to ensure that the builder is worthy of your trust. To gauge the expertise level of your multi-unit builder, ask multiple questions. While an expert will be more than happy to answer all your questions, an amateur builder will try every rule in the book to get out of the line of fire. When taking the final decision, analyze responses and the expert’s communication style. Below are some questions to ask your builder when interviewing them.

1. Can you Provide References?

Ask your builder to provide references from previous clients. Contact these references; asking them to rate the builder. Ask them about their experience of working with the builder. If possible, visit the reference’s home to evaluate the quality of workmanship. Ask the reference whether they would like to work with the builder on future projects, and whether they recommend hiring them.

2. Can you Provide Your Builder Registration Number? If Yes, what is it?

It is important to ensure that your builder is registered. Unregistered builders cannot legally work on projects whose value exceeds $10,000. Because a registered and affiliated builder has to fulfill certain criteria, choosing them improves your chances of getting value for money. If, on the other hand, you choose an unlicensed builder who does not have appropriate insurance cover for your project, you may have to pay to cover any losses caused due to injuries incurred by the builder’s team members while working on your project.

3. What Insurance do you have?

Make sure your builder has public liability insurance of at least $5 million and construction insurance. Enquire whether the professional is eligible for home warranty insurance that protects homeowners against any loss that is caused due to death, disappearance, or insolvency of their builder during the time they were working on the client’s project. Home warranty insurance also covers homeowners on structural issues (for six and a half years post-completion) and non-structural issues (for two years post-completion).

These are some questions to ask your multi-unit builder. At Holly & Associates, Inc., we encourage our clients to ask questions. Instead of rushing our clients into making decisions in our favor, we educate them on their options. Rather than acting as influencers, we play the role of facilitators. To discuss your project with our expert team, call (707) 541-0700. Alternatively, to book a consultation session with one of our experts, fill out our contact form.