Custom Home Building: Holly Construction, Inc., Inc. Reveals Myths Associated With It

It is not every day that you buy your dream home. At Holly & Associates, we understand what your home means to you. As a leading residential home builder in Sonoma County, we are committed to bringing our clients’ dreams to life. Equipped with over three decades of experience, we know a thing or two about custom home building. Before you start working on your project, it is advisable that you learn everything there is to know about custom home building. Though not a new concept, custom home building is still not understood in its entirety by many people. The reason behind this ignorance is several custom home building myths that circulate in the market. Let’s take a look at some custom home building misconceptions.

Myth#1: Custom Homes are only for the Ultra Rich

Whenever we hear that a product is a custom designed to suit the preferences of the buyer, we are quick to perceive it as super expensive. If a general contractor in Sonoma County tells you that your custom home has to necessarily cost more than an ordinary home, they are either lying or do not know anything about custom home building. While the price of custom homes can run into millions of dollars, affordable options are also available for budget-conscious buyers. The cost of your custom home will depend on a number of factors such as your plot and home size, the location of the property, your preferred home style, and the number of rooms.

Myth#2: Custom Home Building is a Time-taking Process

In most cases, a custom home does not take a longer time to complete than a production home. The building process for a custom home is the same as an ordinary home. There are, however, certain factors such as inclement weather and delays in obtaining necessary permits that are beyond the builder’s control. Additionally, oftentimes clients take too much time in selecting a design resulting in delay.

Myth#3: The Buyer Should Know the Design

Many home buyers avoid buying a custom home because they wrongly think that they have to design the home themselves. When you enter into a contract with a custom home builder to buy a custom home, it becomes their responsibility to help you select the appropriate design for your home. If you do not know anything about home designs, your builder will educate you on the latest trends, helping you make the right decision.

At Holly & Associates, we take various steps to shatter these and other custom home building myths. As a responsible residential home builder in Sonoma County, we are on a mission to help our community members make the right moves when building their dream home. To learn more about us, call at (707) 541-0700. For general inquiries, fill out our contact form.