Commercial Flooring Contractors – Creating a Colorful, Vibrant, and Decorative Surface

Flooring is one of the most prominent and largely evident aesthetic aspect of any building, and flooring options are not one-size-fits-all. A wide range of aspects including design consideration, installation time, material durability, and price must be considered before deciding on flooring options so that best suit the buildings’ function and end-users.

Many potential combinations can be explored by playing with colors and materials when it comes to flooring, and the same goes for walls. Flooring can be treated as a huge canvas wherein local commercial builders can bring out their creative side, and add vibrance to it. The overall look and appearance of the space can be transformed by just using the flooring as a decorative surface.

One of the most popular and globally used materials considered for commercial flooring is CONCRETE, as it offers a huge variety of decorative options, resilience, low-maintenance, and is extremely cost-effective compared to the rest of the options available. It has a special quality of self-healing which minimizes the visibility of scratches to ensure they are not easily seen, and this quality is what makes it extremely durable, especially for commercial usage.

The other materials that can be considered for commercial flooring are:

VINYL: The aesthetic options offered by vinyl are limitless, as it is available in any shade of the color wheel. It is waterproof, slip and stain resistant, absorbs sound, cost- effective, and extremely easy to clean. It also can be made to mimic the look of porcelain, marble, hardwood, and other materials.

LINOLEUM: Linoleum is made using renewable resources, and is scratch-resistant. It can be polished to achieve a high degree of shine and gloss.

TERRAZZO: It is one of the most aesthetic and versatile products in the market, and is perfect for incorporating logos and designs into floorings. It is generally used in areas like entrance ways, showrooms, and high-end office areas that are to be highlighted. It is best suited for huge areas such as airports and brand showrooms.

RUBBER: Rubber has an incredibly long life, and is ideal for flooring in wet or hazard-prone spaces in any commercial building.

CORK: Cork is a material that offers natural cushion, and is extremely lightweight. It gives the feel of wood, and is less likely to show dents and grooves.

CARPET TILES: Carpet tiles are the best-suited flooring option for office applications. They’re versatile, and can be used as flooring just about everywhere except for the bathrooms.

LAMINATE FLOORING: Laminate flooring is another option that is highly affordable and low-maintenance material.

The finishes, life of the material, and maintenance should be the factors taken into consideration at the initial phase of flooring selection. Durability is the key when selecting a flooring material, especially in a commercial environment.

Each of the materials above have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to carefully review all aspects before deciding on any material. To familiarize yourself with numerous options for commercial flooring, please get in touch with Holly Construction, Inc. on 707-541-0700, who will be glad to lend you their experience and expertise.