Can Architecture Add Value to Your Commercial Property?

interior of a modern home with light bright walls and tall windows

An important factor that can affect the value of your commercial property is its architectural style. By how much, you ask? According to some estimates, good architecture can increase property value by up to 25%. Architecture is the element that separates a typical office from a beautifully unique professional space.

There are several ways in which the right architectural home style can increase property value. The right design allows occupants to utilize space effortlessly. A poorly designed commercial property, on the other hand, feels cluttered and cramped. Here are some ways your commercial property builder can add value through architecture in your space.

The Lighting

Workplace lighting can affect employee morale, productivity, and health. A commercial property builder in Santa Rosa can develop an architectural lighting design that can improve your property’s aesthetic appeal and lighting, helping create a more productive environment.

Good design improves the aesthetics as well as the functionality of a building. The proper lighting can help make your spaces more functional. Your contractor can help you identify the rooms in your commercial property that require more lighting than others and choose the right lights for your areas.

The Design Elements

How your space looks and feels can affect the value of your property. Your architect may use vertical lines to make rooms look and feel taller and more expansive. Vertical lines are often associated with stability, balance, and strength and evoke positive feelings. They can make the design of your building stand out.

The Flow of the Space

The right building design aims to create flow. A well-designed space allows building users to move freely and efficiently within the property. By creating flow, you will be able to achieve design consistency. The right design will make your property more appealing to tenants, and you may even be able to charge higher rent.

Architects use climate-sensitive passive design techniques to improve the energy efficiency of commercial properties. A professional can develop an effective ventilation plan that allows air to flow freely throughout your building and prevent stale air pockets from forming in enclosed spaces, thereby reducing stress on your HVAC.

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