Build Sought-After Properties with Holly Construction, Inc.

At Holly & Associates, our team recognizes the challenges facing the modern multi-unit property owner. We know that costs must be reduced during the building phases to ensure maximum return on investment, all while the building design must captivate tenants and drive interest in the project. Our experts have decades of experience as multi-unit builders in Sonoma County. We’re ready to harness this experience to support you in all elements of the building process.

Select Holly & Associates for:

Budget Management :  As trusted multi-unit builders in the Sonoma County market, we’ll work with local suppliers to get competitive pricing on all of the structural elements involved in the building project. We’ll also help analyze costs and balance these cost elements with your design objectives. Our process will keep you moving toward your construction goals and reduce costly delays.

Innovation in Design : We harness the latest in design technology to form concepts that are original and inspiring to help attract tenants to your building. Our wide-ranging experience means we know the elements that work most effectively within multi-unit properties, and can make design decisions with a full understanding of safety and style.

Consultation Options: Our Project Managers present clear solutions to construction challenges. This not only means that the project will be completed seamlessly, but also means you’ll receive expert answers to any questions during the building process. We’ll work to keep you informed and help you to take an active oversight role in your project.

Our trusted team at Holly & Associates is here to guide your project as the best recognized multi-unit builders in Sonoma County. To book a preliminary consultation, call us now.