A Guide to Sound Control by Our Santa Rosa Residential Property Builders

Working with residential property builders can help you create that ideal sound control space within your Santa Rosa home. Whether you’re looking to build a home studio or simply control sound transmission across the building environment, Holly Construction, Inc. can help you to learn more about the process. In this latest post, our residential property builders in Santa Rosa explain our guide to sound control.

Noise sources are taken into consideration

One of the first elements to take into consideration when building a home for optimal sound control is the source of the sound. The source, such as stores, schools, traffic and airports will often be taken into consideration when mitigating sound transmission.

Layout for the home a leading consideration

When considering sound transmission, residential property builders in Santa Rosa must closely review the layout for the property. The goal is to keep the sound as far away as possible from the areas that require peace and quiet, for example, in bedrooms. Windows should not open to the streets, and noisy appliances shouldn’t be installed so they don’t impact quiet rooms.

Special soundproofing is required for specific rooms

Make sure rooms such as the home theater and the games room have special soundproofing elements to further eliminate sound transmission issues. The use of spray foam insulation, extra layers of drywall and off-set studs help to minimize the transmission of sound in areas where control is imperative.

Full sound control work should be completed before the home building is finalized

While sound control can often be effectively completed at most stages of the home building process after the home has been built adding further sound control systems is cost prohibitive. And that’s why it’s important to take sound control into full consideration during the building phase; thereby ensuring homeowners have the ideal home for their use from the first time they step into the property.

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