A Guide to Rebuilding After a Fire

General Contractors for Fire Rebuilds in Sonoma County

Fire spares none and it does not discriminate. If your home was recently torn down by a fire, we understand the many overpowering emotions you may be experiencing. Even when a fire does spare lives, it certainly can destroy valuables and precious memories. Homeowners are presented with several choices, ranging from demolishing, rebuilding, and repairing. If you are wondering what to do next, waste no time and look for fire rebuilding contractors in Santa Rosa, so you can rebuild your life one step at a time. Here’s a brief guide on what you must do.

  1. Call Your Insurance Company: The first and foremost step in rebuilding your house after a fire begins with a call to your insurance company. It is quintessential to set the claims process rolling as soon as you can. Be sure to mention to your agent that you plan on hiring a professional fire rebuilding contractor. Pick a reliable rebuilder that has a proven track record and can help you through the whole process instead of adding to your stress levels.
  2. Assess the Damage: Before rebuilding your home, it is also important that you ensure your home is safe. Hire a structural engineer to inspect and identify damages and other necessary repairs. The engineer will look for damage in basements, attic floors, foundation, interior load bearing walls, and second floors. Your rebuilding contractor will also put you in touch with electricians and carpenters who can pick out other areas that need attention.
  3. Secure the Property: Ensure that your rebuilding contractor secures your home and boards all broken windows leaving only the entryway open. This is important to eliminate vandalism while the house is being rebuilt. In fact, many insurance companies insist that properties are vacated and secured after a fire.
  4. Work on Structural Repairs: Before you look into cosmetic repair, it is important that the structural integrity of your house is restored. Your rebuilding contractor will begin working on replacing damaged floor joists and trusses, rebuilding the attic, and securing the interior framework. Feel free to voice out any concerns if you see this is not the approach your rebuilding company is taking.
  5. Inspect Electrical System: The electrical system too must be closely inspected and repaired by a trained and licensed electrician. The odds are your house will need a new breaker box and wiring. You will also need to have all fixtures and outlets tested for safety. Any damaged fixtures will need replacement.
  6. Clean Room by Room: It could take several weeks or even months to restore a house damaged by fire. Your restoration techniques will work with you through this whole process. You will probably have to restore and repair fire damaged floors and ruined sheetrock. This phase will have to be done one room at a time.
  7. Document: It is important that you document everything related to replacement and repair costs. Your restoration contractor will help you with this. Request for photographs and paperwork in digital format so you can prove the extent of damage as well as the cost of restoration to your insurance company. Transfer all these files to your computer.

Restoring a house after a fire is not an easy task. It can be nerve-racking and take a toll on you mentally and physically. However, by hiring experienced fire rebuilding contractors in Santa Rosa, this process can be less stressful. Contact Holly Construction, Inc. at 707-541-0700 for more details on fire restoration and rebuilding. We have years of experience in restoring fire damaged buildings and are here to help!