5 Signs That It’s Time to Invest in Renovating your Commercial Property

Renovation of commercial properties is an expense that many companies often ignore until it becomes glaringly apparent that it is necessary. As a result, they may end up spending more money on the renovation project than they initially budgeted and lose more productive work time because it can take days or weeks, sometimes even months, for the renovation to be completed. There are commercial construction companies in Sonoma County that you can consult when you need to renovate your office, store or any other commercial property, and make sure that the job is done right.

When is it Time to Renovate Your Commercial Property?

Here are 5 signs that indicate that your commercial property requires a renovation.

1. It looks outdated or deteriorated: Deterioration is the most obvious sign that your commercial property needs a renovation. Does your building have an outdated, old-fashioned or an antiquated feel? When you look at the walls, is there unsightly paint chipping or fading? Or do you notice noticeable wear on the flooring in high-traffic areas? Another warning sign is furniture that looks tired, shabby, and old.

2. It is in bad shape: If your commercial building looks like it is in bad shape, it probably is. Like all things, it is inevitable that your property will eventually break down over time. If you have inspected it, and noticed problems such as rusted pipes, a leaky roof, or unreliable electricity, then it is definitely time to give your commercial property an update.

3. Your brand and decor do not match: Nowadays, a lot of companies, for good reason, are paying close attention to branding. The most vital marketing tool for any business is its brand. An effective brand can establish credibility, create customer loyalty, and motivate buying behavior. If your business is marketing itself as a sophisticated, modern enterprise, but your building looks old-fashioned and common, it is imperative that you renovate and update it so that your space aligns with your brand.

4. There are complaints about it: With the technology available today, customers can easily provide companies with feedback. They can go online anytime, and let the whole world know what they think of your business. If your commercial property is in serious need of renovation, customers would more than likely go online to post complaints. You should pay serious attention to these, and contact one of the top commercial construction companies in Sonoma County to start renovating your commercial building.

5. You are not attracting new employees: Are you finding it tough to attract new employees? Take an honest and careful look around your commercial property. When potential new employees enter your building, they should be left in awe by the interiors and management of space. Is it doing so? A well-designed and decorated commercial building is the key to attracting different types of stakeholders, especially new employees.

If you need to renovate your commercial property, you should work with one of the top commercial construction companies in Sonoma County. To partner with the best construction team in Santa Rosa, California, call Holly Construction, Inc. today at (707) 541-0700.