5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Up Your Home Office

Laptop and monitors placed on a desk in a home next to a large window

As working from home becomes the new normal, more people than ever before are thinking about setting up a home office. If you have decided to work remotely full time, you need a dedicated office space where you actually want to spend time – a space where you can focus and be productive.

Before you set up your home office, it’s important that you ask yourself the right questions. This is a great way to unlock opportunities that you didn’t even realize existed. By asking yourself important questions, you can identify ways to reduce project costs and avoid costly mistakes.

As the leading design-build construction company in Santa Rosa, our team at Holly Construction recommends starting your home office project first with these 5 simple questions.

Where Should the Office Go?

If you have a big home, you may have one or two rooms to choose from. Select a room that gets ample natural light. Employees with young children may want to set up their home office in the living area, so they can keep an eye on their kids while working. Employees with a small home should consider using a part of a room, instead of the entire room. If space is at a premium, look around for places where you can squeeze in a desk.

Do I Have Enough Storage?

A home office without storage space is doomed to be a mess. Make sure the designated space has cupboards and shelves that you can use to store your documents, books, and office supplies. To create a homely vibe, display plants, ornaments, and pictures on your shelves.

Is the Lighting Right?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of good office lighting. The right office lighting can help make your home office feel more relaxed. Studies have shown that office lighting can affect employee morale and productivity.

Poor lighting in your home office can cause eye fatigue and headaches and may even contribute to a stiff neck. To ensure the room feels bright enough to work in, install overhead lighting. Invest in a high-quality desk lamp that helps you read documents without straining your eyes.

How Much Surface Space Do I Need?

The type of work you do will determine the amount of surface space you need. If you sketch or deal with a large volume and variety of documents, you will need more surface space.

Consider designing two surfaces to separate the computer zone from your paper-based work area.

If you primarily work on your computer, a small surface should be sufficient.

Are There Electrical Sockets Nearby?

Make sure you have easy access to the power supply. Choose a spot with plug sockets nearby so you can keep all your equipment such as your computer and printer plugged in. If you can’t find a spot near sockets, use an extension cord.

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