5 Home Remodeling Mistakes You Must Avoid in Santa Rosa

When some homeowners decide to remodel their house, they get so excited that they do not think through things properly. This leads them to make major mistakes – some of which end up costing them a lot of money. If you are planning to remodel your home, you should be aware of some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid. To make sure that your project goes smoothly, and you get the results you desire, you should work with the leading luxury home remodeling services in Santa Rosa. This is a must to make your dream home a reality.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home

Here is a look at 5 of the most common mistakes to avoid when you are remodeling your home in Santa Rosa.

1. Overestimating Your Abilities: Many homeowners think that they can take on renovation projects in their house themselves. However, you should know your limits when it comes to DIY jobs around your home. The fact is that it is very easy to underestimate how much time a remodeling project will take, and equally easy to overestimate your abilities. Go ahead with simpler jobs like painting, refinishing cabinets, removing wallpaper, etc. but leave more complex jobs to licensed professionals.

2. Not Measuring Accurately for Cabinets: This is one of the costliest mistakes you can make when remodeling your home. Many homeowners buy kitchen cabinets, and install them, and then they realize that their refrigerator does not fit. It is important to measure for cabinets properly and remeasure again.

3. Ignoring Local Building Codes: To make sure that your home remodeling project complies with all zoning and safety laws in your area, you need building permits. And when you apply for one, you may need to submit construction drawings from an architect or designer. Even if you are handling the project yourself, you will still need a building permit. Never ignore the building codes in your area. Doing so can create a lot of problems, including the potential need to tear down everything you have built and redoing it.

4. Hiring the Cheapest Contractor: Everyone wants to save money when they are renovating their home, but this does not mean that you should hire the cheapest contractor you can find. Before your remodeling project begins, it is a smart idea to bring in at least 3 contractors and obtain written estimates from each of them. The estimate should include details such as exact flooring, hardware, cabinets and installation costs, permit costs, general contractor fee, insurance, an explanation of how they handle design changes, and the warranty on the work.

5. Not Including Unexpected Costs on Your Budget: Outdated wiring, corroded pipes, termite damage, leaks, mold and asbestos-wrapped duct work – these are some of the issues you might face if you have an older home. These are things that many homeowners do not think about when creating a budget for their home remodeling project. You must keep in mind that there will be expensive hidden problems that you simply cannot ignore when you remodel your home, and your budget should include the cost of fixing these surprise problems.

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