5 Features That Define a Luxury Home

Santa Rosa Luxury Home Builders

Luxury homes are gaining popularity. From location to ambiance, luxury homes tick all the right boxes. Buying a luxury home is a matter of pride. A luxury home can elevate your status and lifestyle.

Here are some must-have features of a luxury home.

High End Kitchens

A luxury home should have an appliance-lined commercial grade kitchen. It should have restaurant quality appliances such as a heated drawer, wine fridge, and double oven. The sink in a luxury kitchen should be installed on the center island, so it’s open on four sides, allowing people to interact with other persons while preparing food or washing dishes.

Exercise Room

The exercise area should have plenty of space to train, a wall mounted smart TV, so people can watch their favorite shows while sweating it out in the gym, built-in wireless speakers, a sauna and indoor pool for post-workout relaxation, and built-in storage.

Game and Theater Rooms

Going out to the movies is not an option for everyone. Some people hate crowds, others do not have the time or willingness to drive to a theater near them. A luxury home should eliminate the need for going to the movies or a local recreation center.

It should have a game and theater room with amenities such as an indoor basketball court, indoor pool, and a lavish sports bar set up with televisions and liquor storage. The theater room should be designed to replicate the movie going experience.

Speakers, screens, seating arrangement, acoustics should be designed and optimally placed to maximize the movie watching experience.

Luxurious Bedroom and Dressing room

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. The bedroom of a luxury home should be fit for a king and queen. It should have enough space for a large, luxurious bed and seating areas. The bedroom should have built-in automation systems to control lighting, climate control, and security features.

The dressing room of a luxury home should have enough space for storing and displaying multiple shoes, clothes, and purses. The area should have walls lined with cedar shelves and racks that can be used to store accessories such as neckties and plenty of mirrors and different types of lighting.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool  

People who crave luxury want more than a fully-stocked indoor kitchen. Luxury home buyers today demand a spacious and luxurious outdoor area where they can host guests. The outdoor area of a luxury home should have a kitchen with a built-in gas grill, sink, and a small fridge that can be used to store food and drinks.

It should also have an expansive pool with a water feature. Other must-haves are a stone patio seating area, a changing cabana, and a hot tub.

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