5 Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

white bathroom with double sinks

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most essential rooms in a house. For many, their bathroom serves as a sanctuary to unwind and relax after a long day. Many people get their best ideas in the shower.

Your bathroom is more than just a space for your morning routine. This space plays a large part in your overall home value. As Santa Rosa’s best residential contractor, Holly Construction knows the importance of a well-designed bathroom.  If your bathroom feels cramped and small, follow these tips to make it look and feel bigger.

Add a Large Mirror to Your Bathroom 

In addition to creating the illusion of space, a large mirror reflects more light into your bathroom, helping bring more natural light into it. Look for a super-sized 5 ft x 3 ft mirror. If you do not like installing a full-length mirror in your bathroom, install two normal-sized mirrors where two walls meet. The L-shaped configuration reflects more light and can make your space look and feel even bigger.

Replace the Bathroom Vanity

Your Bathroom vanity offers lots of storage space that can be used to store toiletries and towels. Though useful, a bathroom vanity wastes space in a small bathroom. To create extra space in your small bathroom, replace the vanity cabinet with a cantilevered countertop or a pedestal sink.

If you install a pedestal sink, your countertop space will shrink. You can recover some of the lost space by installing a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets take up less space and are easy to hide.

Install Lighting

Good lighting is especially important and crucial in bathrooms as they need more natural light. In addition to making your bathroom feel even bigger, the right lighting can illuminate the space, helping to avoid accidents while shaving or applying makeup. A grid of ceiling lights, sconces, or a contemporary-edged mirror can help avoid shadows and make your bathroom feel bright and open.

If you cannot add new lighting to your powder room, consider changing the ceiling light and replacing it with multiple bulbs so you have light coming from different directions.

Use a Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure

Consider adding a frameless shower enclosure made of thick tempered glass held together in the corners of your bathroom. If you already have a framed partition, consider making it transparent to look and feel less bulky. An enclosure has no frames on the glass and is almost invisible. When choosing a frameless shower enclosure, consider if your shower door opens to the left or right.

Use Similar Materials Throughout Your Bathroom

Dissimilar materials in your bathroom can lead to your bathroom feeling cramped and busy. Consider replacing the tile wainscot in your bathroom with a wall system of drywall and baseboards. If you have a ceramic tile countertop, replace it with a quartz countertop that closely matches the bathtub’s look.

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