4 Top Winter Maintenance Tips

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Winter season is drawing closer, and most parts of the U.S. are likely to experience subzero temperatures, lots of snow, and icy conditions quite similar to the frigid Arctic zone. This validates why it is the right time for you to protect your lovely home from any potential damage that the snow and bone-chilling temperatures may bring along.

Listed below are a few tips from expert residential home builders in Sonoma County that will help to prepare your home for the winters before the chill hits you.

Prepare Your Backyard Pool

Most homeowners think, it is not necessary to prepare their backyard pools for the winters. However, there are a few steps you must take to keep your pool healthy and keep running through the off-season as well. For instance, empty its filters, vacuum the bottom, and remove all the debris. Also, take adequate precautions against the growth of algae that can bloom even in the coldest of days. These minimal measures, when timely executed can benefit you in a large number of ways!

Inspect the Attic

Closely inspect your attic for any signs of water damage, mold infestation, and insulation problems that can get worse if ignored, and may cause serious damage. Addressing and fixing these potential issues can help to prevent them from turning into a widespread problem, and also, reduces the cost involved in remedying this.

Seal all Windows and Doors

Even small gaps around doors and windows can make it difficult to keep your house warm during winter. Therefore, caulk around your windows, and install weather stripping around all windows and doors. This is a quick chore that will not cost hundreds of dollars, but will keep your home atmosphere warm, and help you save heating costs. If the doors and windows in home look worn, or are single pane and uninsulated then, consider upgrading to insulated doors and triple pane windows to increase energy efficiency in home. Yet another option would be to add storm doors and windows. Do not throw away your screens, instead, wash and store them for the next spring.

Change your Furnace Filters

Furnace filters trap dust, pet dander, and the kinds of dirt that can reach the blower and ducts. However, some of the dust make way to your living room.

Ensure to clean or replace your furnace filters before Snowman comes knocking. This will help your furnace to run more efficiently and keeps your home a lot cleaner. And your lungs much happier and healthier!

Whether you are looking for a home renovation before winter sets in, or you need an expert assistance in preparing your home for winters, you can rely on Holly & Associates an expert residential home builder in Sonoma County. Call us today at 707-541-0700 to schedule an appointment with our construction experts.