4 Technologies That Will Drive Change in the Construction Industry

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Construction is a labor-intensive industry. Because humans have their limitations, optimizing construction productivity can be difficult.

The construction industry has come a long way. Though construction safety has vastly improved over the years, construction is still considered one of the most dangerous industries.

Every construction business must consider investing in construction technologies designed to improve construction productivity and construction site safety.

We have compiled a list of some technologies that have the potential to drastically improve productivity and safety. Take a look.

Construction Wearables

Construction has always been one of the riskiest industries to work in. There are several safety hazards on a typical construction site.

Wearable technology has the potential to improve construction site safety. Some construction wearables available today are smart boots, power gloves, and smart hard hats. A smart boot can warn the worker wearing it of an impending collision with nearby construction machines equipped with sensors.

Power gloves increase dexterity and strength, thereby reducing the wearer’s risk of overuse injuries. By measuring vital signs, a smart hard hat can detect worker fatigue and signal the need for a break. They can also detect microsleeps before they occur.


Many construction companies use drones to conduct site surveys quickly and accurately. The data and images captured by a drone can be used to create interactive 3D or topographical models.

A drone can be used to safely inspect hard-to-reach areas of buildings. Construction site theft is a big problem in the construction industry. Drones can help with equipment tracking and security surveillance, enabling better construction site monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning have massive implications for construction. Many construction companies use these technologies to improve their decision-making.

AI and machine learning can help improve construction safety and productivity. By analyzing past projects, machine learning software can identify inefficiencies and propose process improvements. They can also analyze construction site photos and identify risks and violations.

Construction Exoskeletons

A construction exoskeleton or exosuit has motorized joints that provide extra support and power to different parts of the body when the user performs tasks that involve repetitive movements.

The most common types of exoskeletons being used on construction sites around the world are shoulder support exosuits, back support exosuits, and crouch support exosuits.

Shoulder support exosuits distribute the weight from the shoulder, whereas back support exosuits reduce strain during lifting. A crouch support exosuit acts as a chair, helping the wearer avoid injuries while crouching for long periods of time.

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  • Posted On July 12, 2021