4 Luxury Additions You Need In Your New Home

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Homes have evolved over the past few years. Modern luxury homes are crafted with unique and smart features that have the power to elevate everyday life into something beyond basic. Here are some awesome luxury additions that will make your home more practical and functional, and amp up the luxury quotient.

Gourmet Kitchens

A gourmet kitchen can be used to entertain guests while you prepare food. When planning a gourmet kitchen, some important things to consider are the number of people who cook in your house at any given time, your kitchen’s (intended) primary function, and the type of dishes prepared in your home.

A gourmet kitchen usually includes:

  • Plenty of functional storage spaces
  • Time-tested countertop materials such as quartz. Ask your unique home builder in Santa Rosa to recommend materials that do not require sealing, are less porous than natural stones, and are more durable and stain-resistant
  • A couple of island areas
  • A spacious and functional kitchen layout
  • Modern appliances such as a double oven, dishwasher drawer, convection microwave, and microwave drawer
  • Full-height stone backsplash
  • Task lighting that focuses lighting on specific areas in the kitchen

These features will make your kitchen less chaotic, and more organized and functional.

In-Home Theaters

Want to create a movie theater experience in your own home? Consider setting up an in-home theater.

There are several benefits of a home theater system. You will save time and money in the long run as you won’t have to travel to your local cinema to watch movies. Plus, you get to choose your own movies and can watch them in an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere.

Your home theater installation professional will design the seating layout, and place your speakers accurately to maximize your home theater experience.

Wine Cellars

Hate stepping out of your home to savor your favorite wines? Consider building a home wine cellar. Modern wine cellars come with advanced technologies that allow you to regulate the temperature of specific areas in your house that can be used to store wine bottles. You can use your wine cellar to store vintage wines perfect for every occasion.

Expanded Outdoor Living Areas

There are several ways to pep up your outdoor space. If you like cooking outside, consider building an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners who like taking the party outdoors can consider adding a pool with a waterfall, changing cabanas, and hot tubs.

An expanded outdoor living area can enhance the value of your property. You can use your outdoor living area to entertain guests. By making an effort to spend more time outside, you can enjoy nature with your family.

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