4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Custom Home

Custom Built Homes Near Napa

A one-of-its-kind custom home is designed to meet the homeowner’s specific needs and is truly an extension of their personality. When you build a custom home, you have complete freedom to decide its features and the type of materials to be used.

To help ensure smooth sailing, our team at Holly Construction has put together the 4 most common mistakes to help you avoid mistakes in your custom home build. To learn more from our team of custom home builders in Napa County, call (707) 541-0700.

Choosing the Wrong Location

When choosing the location for their custom home, many potential homeowners base their decision on price. We commonly see this as the first big mistake custom homeowners make.

While your budget is a top priority, ensure that the price tag is worth the tradeoffs that come with the location of your new home.

Commuting is a drag. To ensure a shorter commute to work, look for a lot close to your office. Check land topography and surroundings. Another factor to consider when choosing the location for a custom home is the ease of access to public transport and schools, parks, hospitals, and shopping malls.

Choosing the Wrong Design-Build Firm

All design-build firms are different. You can’t settle for just any contractor. Before you hire a design-build firm, research the company. Visit their website to check their portfolio. Check out their social media profiles to see what people are talking about them.

Make sure the contractor has a valid license and is insured. Talk to the contractor’s references. Ask them about their experience working with the contractor’s team and if they are happy with the end product. Visit independent third-party review sites to check out customer reviews. Check design-build firms with the BBB.

Poor Room Placement

The placement of your rooms can affect the mood of your home. When placing rooms, consider your needs. Take time to think how room placement can affect your lifestyle.

If you are about to add a child to your family, determine the ideal distance between the master bedroom and the nursery. Does the sound of washer/dryer machines bother you while you sleep? Place your laundry room on the opposite side of your home from your bedroom. Hate it when the bright light of the sun shines in your eyes every morning? Decide the direction you should place your bedroom in relation to the sun.

Not Planning for the Future

Consider your current and future needs when building your custom home. A custom built home near you in Napa that doesn’t suit your long-term needs can leave you feeling trapped after 3-5 years. Are you planning a baby? Make sure there is enough room for a nursery. Do you plan to move your elderly parents into your home? When planning your home’s layout, consider their mobility needs.

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