4 Advantages of a Design-Build Firm

Wooden House Frame With Workers

One of the first things to do after you have decided to embark on your homebuilding journey is to hire a design-build contractor. Design-build contractors are equipped to manage new home construction projects from start to finish.

When you hire a design-build contractor, you don’t need separate contractors for design and construction. Instead, a design-build firm’s team consists of architects, field managers, construction experts, field crews, and project managers. These experts work together to bring your vision to life.

Here are some compelling reasons to hire a design-build firm to manage your project.

Better Communication

If you hire a general contractor and designer, you will need to communicate with multiple parties including the contractor, subcontractor, and designer, which can be overwhelming. The more parties involved, the higher the chances of communication mistakes. Poor communication can lead to delays, or worse, project failure.

When you hire a design-build firm, you need not worry about communicating with several parties since all experts work under the same roof. Design-build companies near you in Napa act as a bridge between their clients and subcontractors and get all parties on the same page.


The traditional project delivery model requires a construction project owner to have separate agreements with the contractor, designer, and subcontractors. All the parties are separate entities. The responsibility of building team collaboration lies with you.

The design-build project delivery method eliminates this problem. Design-build firms have a single master agreement with their clients. Designers work alongside architects, construction experts, and other professionals to ensure quality standards are met. Afterall, effective collaboration improves project outcomes.

Complete Accountability

If you hire a designer and contractor to manage your project and something goes wrong, parties may point fingers at each other. One of the biggest advantages of the design-build delivery model is that the design-build contractor is the single point of accountability. If the end product falls short of a project owner’s expectations or cost overrun occurs, the design-build contractor is fully responsible for taking corrective action.


Studies show that the time taken to complete a design-build construction project can be 33 percent less than projects delivered using traditional project delivery models. The design-build project delivery model can help save time and money in several ways.

There are fewer steps in the design-build process. You need not invite separate bids. The design-build method eliminates communication gaps and conflicts by putting a single party in charge. If project owners have questions, they can directly approach their design-build contractors. Also, project owners spend less time waiting for inputs and updates from various people as they only need to communicate with one.

The design-build method can help cut project costs by 6-10 percent. When you use one team to manage your project, you get an accurate estimate, timeline, and budget. As a result, it is easier to track expenses and come up with cost-cutting solutions.

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