3 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Modern furnished living room interior of a home

There are several benefits of home renovation. If planned correctly, a home renovation can make your spaces more attractive and interesting, and improve functionality. The home renovation journey can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. To ensure smooth sailing, plan your renovation down to the last detail. Be sure to account for contingencies.

As one of the best residential contractors in the Santa Rosa, Holly Construction has compiled their list of 3 major mistakes to avoid when planning a renovation project.

1.    Choosing the Contractor with an Unrealistically Low Quote

Price is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a contractor. This, however, does not mean that you should choose a contractor who quotes an unrealistically low price. Remember, if it is too good to believe, it probably is. Many contractors quote too low just to get the job. They may indulge in malpractices and try to cut corners by installing substandard products.

When evaluating a quote, look at all the cost elements. If you do not understand a cost element, do not hesitate to call the contractor. The clearer you are with your contractor about your budget and expectations, they better they can communicate to you what service they can provide.

Ask contractors if there are any other costs involved than those mentioned in estimates. Every home renovation estimate you receive should include details regarding the materials to be used, waste removal plan, warranty on the work, general contractor fee, permit costs and insurance. It should also explain how design changes will be handled.

2.    Buying Furniture and Home Décor Too Early

Many times, homeowners get excited in the renovation process and begins purchasing the final touches before the project is even complete. Do not buy furniture and home décor items until the plans are finalized. If you begin picking up furnishings too early, you may end up buying pieces that won’t work in the finished product.

Avoid making this mistake by communicating with your contractor regularly about project timelines. Ask you contractor when it is time to begin picking out the final touches for your home before you begin purchasing.

To ensure major issues in scheduling the delivery of your décor and furnishing, talk with your contractor to make sure that the timing will work with projected timeline. The more transparent you can be with

3.    Choosing the Wrong Architectural Elements

Some architectural elements homeowners replace during home renovations include their doors, windows, and floors. When choosing these elements, do not compromise on quality. Make sure functionality does not take a backseat.

Choose windows with energy-efficient materials. Your windows should complement the architectural style of your home. Look for windows that have been fusion welded for strength and durability. You will want windows with glasses that are effective at blocking harmful UV rays.

When looking at door options for your home, make sure the ones you select are wide enough to accommodate multiple people. Make sure the doors you are considering are sturdy and durable.

When choosing flooring for a room, consider the environment. If you want to replace the kitchen floor, go for prefinished wooden flooring as it is easy to keep clean and maintain. Slate and tile are perfect for the mudroom and laundry room.

There can be so many options to choose from when selecting all the new elements for your home renovation. Don’t let the large selection leave you dizzy, consult your contractor. Ask your contractor for suggestions in narrowing down the right materials for your project. With their experience, your team can help you pick the perfect elements for your project.

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