2020 Custom Design Trends for Luxury Homes

Luxury Home Remodelling Services in Santa Rosa

There is a reason why several households opt for luxury homes. From high ROI to tangibility, there are several benefits of luxury homes. When designing your luxury home, you must look for the latest design trends, and come up with a plan to incorporate them into your property to maximize ROI. Thanks to the ever-evolving real estate market, custom design trends keep changing. A trend making a splash today can fall out of favor tomorrow. Here are some custom luxury home design trends set to rule this year.

Antique Fixtures Are In

Every luxury home needs a few antique fixtures. The old-world charm and timeless elegance of antique fixtures make them irresistible. Look for vintage and antique stores that sell eclectic antique furnishings. Use old light fixtures as a statement piece in the center of your home.

When selecting a fixture, make sure its size matches the size of the room where you plan to place it. Remember, a large-size fixture may overwhelm the space, whereas a small-sized one may go unnoticed.

More Families Will Choose Bold and Monochromatic Color Schemes

Although neutral tones such as whites and greys will not fall out of favor anytime soon, more households will dare to think beyond the conventional this year. In 2020, more families will prefer vibrant pops of color to calmer colors.

Many families will use deep and rich jeweled tones to create a bold space that inspires mindfulness. Greiges or beiges will be the most popular choice for kitchens.

Patterned Bathrooms Are All the Rage 

Your bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. It is more than just a place where you perform personal hygiene activities. For many people, their bathroom is their sanctum where they can spend some time alone every day.

As more people than ever understand the important role that their bathrooms play in their lives, the demand for stylish and functional bathrooms will increase. Consider using patterns to freshen up your bathroom. Use an accent wall of wallpaper or fully wrap it to engage the eye.

More Homeowners Will Choose Smart, Automated Homes 

Many market experts predict a sharp rise in the number of families opting for smart homes in 2020. Automated homes will be in high demand due to their ability to control settings related to the internal temperature, security, and lights.

Though the initial cost of a smart home may be higher than a traditional, no-frills home, it provides several benefits in the long run. Additionally, because smart homes can control several internal and external settings, they are greener than their traditional counterparts.

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